Flicker Linocut


Product specs: 8.5" x 11" linocut print of original work. Unlimited run. My linocut prints are hand-drawn, hand-cut, and inked and pulled by hand on premium (200 gsm) paper. Color is acrylic paint, added by hand. Each print is unique. All prints are signed and dated. 

Description: Northern Flickers can be found across America, including California and Nevada. They are gentle birds and can often be seen on the ground (I saw one on Eldridge Trail last weekend!) They can live upwards of 8 years, and they are monogamous, pairing for life.

I was inspired to make this print over the 2015 holidays. I was in Reno with my mom on Christmas eve, making posole while it snowed outside. My mom always has suet and feed out for the birds, especially in the winter. Something startled the birds, and a flicker flew right into the kitchen window. It sounded like a shotgun, and we ran outside to see if it was ok. The bird lay still in the snow beneath the window. With tears in our eyes, we grabbed a towel to wrap the bird and bury it, but as we walked towards it, it moved. We ran inside, not wanting to disturb it and hoping it would recover from the impact. Its mate flew around the yard, calling to it.

The flicker struggled and limped to the side of the house, and nestled up against a tree, where it was sheltered from the snow and wind. We watched it for hours. We called rescue groups and animals hospitals, but the only response we received was that they would put it down because of likely internal injuries. We cried, hoping the bird wouldn't die of injuries or freeze to death in the below-freezing temps. We went to bed wishing for the little bird. On Christmas we awoke and checked under the tree - no flicker, no animal tracks. Within the hour, we saw the flicker, and its mate, eating suet and flying around the yard. It was a miracle!

As with all of my products, 5% of proceeds goes towards environmental conservation.

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